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I produce my ceramics, greeting cards and contemporary jewellery in my garden studio, which looks out on to woodland.


Every piece on my website and on my stalls at the major fairs where I sell my work has been made by me...from the raw clay to the final brush stroke on the finished piece, from the concept for a unique piece of jewellery to its creation.


I use acrylic paint on paper with a bold colour palette, strong lines and pointillism technique to add texture and definition to the originals from which my limited edition cards are printed.


I hope you derive as much pleasure buying, displaying or perhaps gifting creations which are unique to you as I do in designing and making them.

A wide range of my stock is on sale at: Artenax, 32 Fore Street, Topsham, Devon EX3 0HD Telephone (44) (0) 1392 874172 and Patizo, Brusselssteenweg 17, 3080 Tervueren Telephone (32) (0) 2767 2271